Interactive situations

“CODE- Competence Opportunities for Digital Employment”, 217-1-414“,funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment

This session takes about half an hour to complete. If you cannot do it in one go, you can leave the webpage open and continue later. This app is confidential. Nobody can see what you write on your screen and all the text that you have entered during the session disappears for good when you close the page of your browser.

1. Describe briefly what you want to develop as a skill

2. Use the scale below to estimate the level of the skill you have now. 10 on the scale means “developed enough” and 0 on the scale means “not developed”

3. You must have a good reason to develop this skill. How will developing this skill will benefit you?

4. Who else will benefit from you getting the skill and how will they benefit from it?

5. You have probably developed this skill to some extend before within your life. What have you had before that you no longer have today?

6. Picture yourself chatting with me again three months from now. Imagine that someone ask you, "Did you get this skill?" and you answer, "I think I developed it" And the person say, "I'm impressed. May I ask you some questions about how you did it?"

7. Who else will notice that you have developed this skill in maximum extend for you?

8. What will you do to keep this skill alive for you?

9. Congratulations! You have managed to develop this skill. How are you going to celebrate it?

10. What will be the next skill will you start to develop after this one to become a master in web design

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